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Fresh Spring Coverage

Here at Jostens, we love spring most of all because it is filled with the fresh smell of yearbook pages being printed. But there’s still work to be done. You might have a supplement, or you might still be pushing through to get to sold-out status. Whatever it is, you’re going to do great because what you do is great.

For Yearbook Advisers

Getting to Sold-Out Status

What is your sales goal for this year? How close are you to reaching it? At the very beginning of the school year, you likely made a plan. This is your moment to push through and make the final pitches to your school community why this year’s book is going to be the best yet. Getting those final sales through the door might seem tough, but it is definitely doable.

Know your numbers. Starting a plan means knowing where you stand today. The type of strategy that you use will depend on how many books you have left to sell.

Find the leads. Think about the students in your school who haven’t purchased or would be most likely to purchase. Seniors are definitely top priority. Second is those featured in the book more than three times.

Be smart about how you market. With seniors, this is their last book. With those mentioned three times, their story is being covered and they should have a record of it. Create “You’re in the Book” flyers personally, or have them done auto-magically.

Reflect and Adjust. Not every tactic will work. Sometimes the message doesn’t work or the timing is off. But your persistence is the real key to success in getting 100% of your copies sold. Continue to adjust and be patient — but continue to strive towards your goal.


Persistence is key

Persistence is incredibly important. Persistence proves to the person you’re trying to reach that you’re passionate about something, that you really want something.

— Norah O’Donnall, Journalist


Building stronger teams and better books

Find unforgettable moments wherever they are, even if you have to go beyond expectation to capture them.

Yearbook Pro Tips

Join us in San Francisco 

We are so excited to be seeing advisers and staff at the Spring National High School Journalism Conference in San Francisco [CA]. We have a lot planned to make this place of learning an even greater place of fun. Learn more about the conference below!

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Cover it with ReplayIt

Having a staff everywhere and anywhere can often be challenging. Away games, behind-the-scenes — sometimes the best coverage is simply out of reach. With ReplayIt, your entire school community can be your photographers. Capture, gather and share photography from one simple app — and use those photos in your yearbook.