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When you make a yearbook you learn skills you will use for the rest of your lives. You create a product that your peers will treasure for the rest of their lives. Yearbook is amazing and we love it as much as you do. This is your home for all things yearbook. Welcome to Yearbook Love.


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Yearbook News

Story Starters: Summer Events

Posted on Jul 28 by

It is a challenge to think of fresh ways to cover stories that happen every year. Story Starters come to the rescue with interview questions, poll/survey ideas, photo possibilities and module ideas. We have hundreds of Story Starters and have sampled a few for your journalists to test drive.

Photo Selection

Posted on May 1 by

By viewing the Photo Selection presentation, students will understand that it is their duty to take and select the best photos possible to tell the story of the school and the people within it.

The Power of Color

Posted on May 6 by

Divided into 12 sections, the classic color wheel can provide inspiration for many color combinations.
Utilizing the wheel as a guide, there are several categories of color schemes.