One of the most profound realizations that yearbook staff members can make is that they are running a business. They are creating a product that a huge number of their peers will purchase. Just as with businesses in the “real world,” yearbook staffers need to think about what their customers want. The answer will usually be that students want to see their friends and themselves. But they don’t only want to see their portrait. After all, they have their student ID for that. They want to see their lives, their activities, their experiences.

Once students realize the importance of giving the customer what they want, the question becomes “How?,” often followed quickly by “We can’t.”

  • We have a small staff.
  • We have a large school.
  • We can’t be at every event.
  • Our photographer forgot to go.
  • We don’t have enough cameras.
  • We didn’t know when the game was.
  • We didn’t know when rehearsal happened.

Sound familiar? It did to us too, until ReplayIt happened.

Now yearbook staffs can easily collect hundreds of photos from parents, coaches and students. Like Coon Rapids High School [MN] who literally collected 450 photos from non-yearbook staffers on one day. Wow.

Now everyone in your school community can see and share photos with the yearbook staff all year long. With ReplayIt, students, coaches, and parents simply upload photos using the ReplayIt app and see the memories as they happen. Best of all, ReplayIt adds extra value to your yearbook—because, at the end of the year, all the content is sealed into an online digital time capsule that yearbook buyers can access for years to come.

Get more photos

ReplayIt encourages parents, students, and the entire school community to upload photos that can be used in the yearbook. The ReplayIt app for iPhone and Android makes it easy to view and share shots on the go.

Send push notifications

Want a shot from an upcoming football game? Schedule a push notification and a reminder will go out during the game to encourage students to share their shots on ReplayIt. Is your yearbook price about to go up? ReplayIt can remind students and parents that now is the time to buy.

Control content

Photo moderators review each photo uploaded to ReplayIt for nudity, guns and violence, drugs and alcohol, obscene gestures and inappropriate words. Questionable content is automatically blocked. In addition, you can remove photos at any time.

Boost sales

ReplayIt creates awareness of the yearbook all year long. If you have an active online sales offer a link to purchase will be featured on your ReplayIt site. We will also automatically send emails to students notifying them when images are used in the yearbook.

Share photos

When a yearbook staff uploads photos to yearbook avenue, they can be instantly synced to ReplayIt. So, if you have 100 terrific football images but you only have room for 15, you can still share the unused images to ReplayIt for additional coverage.

Link to surveys and polls

Send survey questions via push notifications through ReplayIt. This is a great way to get a pulse on the school community, as well as get instant results.