An idea is born sitting in a classroom with a group of students searching the limitless possibilities of creation. An idea is born when a student utters the words that were on the tips of everyone’s tongue. It’s birth sparking the momentous explosion of creativity, the constantly shifting change of perspective.

This idea grows into something entirely new, something that breathes the feeling of greatness into those who experience it. This idea expands without stop, growing with everything around it. An idea evolves at a crossroads, where a group of students wonder what happened. The idea that once filled them with greatness, now left behind confusion and doubt.

An idea evolves when it seems to have ceased; when the river of creativity flowing into it dries up. An idea evolves sitting in a classroom with a group of students searching the limitless possibilities of creation.

An idea evolves when a student remembers those words that once sparked the wonder that filled everyone’s minds, and discovers they still fill them with the same uncontainable feeling, born again.

An idea evolves when a student utters the words that that reminds everyone it’s just on the tip of their tongue.

In other words, you do it over and over until it feels just right — for you and most importantly for your readers.



Our idea for the theme Focus started out one day in May. We had no idea where to start, but it sounded simple. We looked at magazines, Pinterest and everywhere else. My staff came to the realization that we wanted one thing: minimalism. So off we went, designing cover ideas and compiling a file of things we might want to include.

School ended, and we spent the beginning of the summer carrying on the process. Off to yearbook camp we went; cover ideas and file in hand. We met with Jeff, our creative consultant, to see what he thought about the direction we were going. He made us question everything and, in the end, we came out with a completely refined direction to our book.

It was sharp, minimalistic and unique. We came back to school armed with a theme and ready to work, the only problem was that we decided we didn’t like the cover, which we changed and continued working on.

The idea started as one word, “Focus”, and evolved into a complete idea: templates, cover and all. It isn’t finished changing either. It is a constantly evolving process, until the day we submit the last page of the book.

About the author

Caleb Denney, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Orangewood Christian School [FL] DENNEY began his journalism journey in middle school in Mrs. PIttman’s Photojournalism class. He began contributing his gifts to the yearbook program in ninth grade, proving himself as a worthy candidate for editor-in-chief. He is a strong designer and is dedicated to helping the yearbook program produce an excellent product. He’s also become a great photographer and will add “staff photographer” to his list of duties this year. He is actively involved in the school’s thespian troop and excels as an actor.

About the author

Parker Penny, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Orangewood Christian School [FL] PARKER has been sharing his gift of design with the OCS yearbook staff for three years. His dedication and work ethic allows for him to produce excellent work and is a valuable contributor to the OCS yearbook staff. He often goes above and beyond to find creative ways to improve the yearbook. Parker is also a starter on the varsity football team.