Going into our junior year as first-time editors, we thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into. Despite our passion for the job, we couldn’t have expected the pressures of leading a staff and satisfying the student body all while maintaining Bryant’s reputation as an award-winning book.

In our first year as yearbook editors, we cut out what we thought was the “unnecessary” step of making template boards to save ourselves some time. The editors before us printed out finalized templates and glued them on to mounting boards for reference. Although we successfully made a yearbook our first year, we realized what we were missing and we refined our process by incorporating template boards this year. With this addition, we are more organized and more able to make a cohesive book.

Spirit Week

On “Multimedia Monday” of Spirit Week, Bryant High School Hornet yearbook staff members pose together in their costumes. The staff always takes a group photo on dress-up days at school, then the photos are included in a staff slideshow at the end of the year.

Hornet Editor’s Template

Senior Hornet yearbook editors Helen Woodham, Gracen Goudy and Lauren Brantley display their template boards, which are divided by section. The editors created the template boards for reference to keep the book consistent throughout the year.

We have also incorporated more activities that unify the staff. Every month, we have a staff outing, such as going to dinner or a movie. We also randomly pair up staff members to be monthly buddies who encourage each other through notes and gifts. Along with promoting staff unity, we have also made ourselves available 24-hours-a-day through our GroupMe app so the staff can always reach us. Because we’ve had to deal with attitude issues in the past, we are working hard to promote positivity and teamwork.

All of these changes have made our staff stronger and, as editors, we have grown stronger as well. We now go into situations more confidently and more comfortable in our authority.

About the authors

Lauren Brantley, Gracen Goudy, Helen Woodham

Bryant High School [AR] Seniors Lauren Brantley, Gracen Goudy and Helen Woodham are the second-year head editors of the Hornet yearbook at Bryant High School.