Posted on May 4, 2017 in Articles

Deadlines complete. Check. Yearbook room cleaned. Check. Celebrations planned. Not quite? Recognizing your hard work and staff ranges from the yearbook distribution event to yearbook staff banquets and celebrations.

The Champlin High School staff partnered with Student Council to create a whole-school celebration. Student Council organized outdoor games and activities while the yearbook staff coordinated the yearbook distribution. Teachers serve hot dogs, pizza, chips and ice cream.

The night of the yearbook unveiling, the Whitney High School staff celebrates its success with a formal banquet. Students, families and community members enjoy desserts as editors and staff members receive formal awards, plaques, trophies and gifts. The awards include individual and staff awards, Honor Quill and Scroll, National Journalism Honor Roll and four-year participants. The night ends with a slideshow that recaps the fun of the year.

During the school day, the Whitney staff celebrates the end-of-the-year at its annual yearbook signing party and yearbook senior week. At the signing party, custom Snapchat geofilters, new staff shirts and a cake that matches the cover of the yearbook personalize the event for the staff and community.

During their seniors’ final week of class, the underclassmen honor seniors with shirts honoring the graduates, design personalized posters and present each senior with a gift each day.

As a farewell to her seniors, The Village School (Houston, TX) adviser Alicia Merrifield presented each senior with a tool kit and note personalized to the staff member as well as a reason behind each tool.









The hard work is over. Time to celebrate the year and bid farewell to those moving on.