Build a more inclusive yearbook using Jostens
coverage tools.

Jostens image tagging software helps you easily and accurately identify everyone in your yearbook using industry leading facial recognition technology. Combined with the power of the coverage report, image tagging makes it easier than ever to make sure everyone is included the book three times.

Facial recognition

When you click on a face in a photo, you’ll be provided with suggestions of who that person might be. The matches are suggested based on photos you have already tagged, or from the portrait images uploaded to your image library. If no names are suggested, you can begin typing in a name and a list of suggestions will appear. These names will come from the student list you upload to your site at the beginning of the year.

This process helps eliminate spelling errors since staff members are not required to type in names. It also makes name identification more consistent.

Coverage report

The Jostens yearbook coverage report makes it easy for staffs to view the number of times each student appears in the yearbook, track sales and even send email promotions for the yearbook, ReplayIt and recognition ads. The report also ties directly to our online selling tools, so you can use it to see which students are in the book but have not yet purchased. This provides a great way to target prospective buyers.

One of the best ways to encourage students to purchase the yearbook is by telling them, “you are in it!” Jostens coverage tools will do this for you — simply upload a student list, track your sales online and tag the photos used in the book and we will create personalized flyers for each student that is in the book two times or more but have not yet purchased.

Survey tool

No more paper questionnaire handouts. No more manual tabulations. Jostens survey tool does all that for you. We even help you create colorful charts that can be used in the yearbook.

Surveys and polls are also a great way to cover more students in the yearbook and get them involved in the creation process. The online polling tool on Yearbook Avenue makes it easy to create a survey, distribute it and create a graphic that shows the results for use in the book.

Sending out frequent questions and letting the students know their answers will be included in the yearbook is a great way to keep students interested in the yearbook all year long. You might also consider keeping the survey results a secret until the book is delivered to build anticipation.