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Do something creative every day.

I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning… Every day I find something creative to do with my life.

— Miles Davis, Musician


Creative ideas for creative minds

Whether choosing the right color for a spread, building that universal module or writing that perfect descriptive caption, the yearbook is a totally creative process where you and your staff are in the middle of it.

Social media magic

Meaningful social campaigns can help drive awareness of the yearbook. Learn how to share your unique theme or message through social media.

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Yearbook Pro-Tips

Team building

You're on a deserted island... What's for breakfast?

In this quick, simple (and often revealing) ice-breaker, ask participants to consider and decide foods that they would choose to live on for a year if stranded on a desert island, with nothing else to eat or drink, other than water. (The facilitator can determine finer points of the rules such as if there’s anything with which to cook, if there are any condiments, etc.)

After considering their selection for a few minutes, each person shares with the group what three foods they would chose and why. For larger groups, you can assign teams of three and have them come up with a selection of three foods that satisfy all members of their team. The point of the exercise is to get participants thinking about something completely different, in a way that allows them to express their own likes and dislikes to the group in a positive way. You'll get to know each other -- get each other ready for future feedback and critique sessions!

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How do you create?

What is your design process like? Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you have design tips you’re itching to share with other advisers and staff? Each school has their own style to creating the yearbook and we want to hear from you.

Share with us how you create your yearbook, from page layouts to style guides. We’d love to share your words of wisdom with other advisers.

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