Introducing a revolutionary yearbook design tool only from Jostens.

Jostens is changing the way students create yearbooks. In an exclusive, industry-first partnership with Adobe, Monarch™ gives staffs access to InDesign and Photoshop in the cloud using any browser-enabled computer.

Monarch’s cloud-based file management system makes it easy for staff members to remotely access pages and images. There is also a session-sharing feature that allows students to collaborate and get help with technical issues, changing the way they learn and work as a team.

In addition to InDesign and Photoshop, Monarch users have access to Jostens yearbook-specific YearTech® toolbar to simplify many design tasks and to streamline online page submission. Contact us for a free demonstration.

 “I firmly believe that high school journalism students should use the Adobe programs that they might use in the design and publication world. However, I have been stressed about how I would continue to maintain our computers and afford the software. Using Monarch has eliminated all those worries.”

– TESSA SHIRLEY, North Hall High School [GA], Monarch pilot school

“In less than six months, Monarch has revolutionized my journalism classroom. The most obvious change that Monarch has allowed is the ability for students to access their yearbook materials from home, while using industry-standard Adobe software.”

– REBECCA PLUMLEY, Stony Point High School [TX], Monarch pilot school