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The Look Book is the “best of the best” annual of creative themes, covers, designs, stories and photography selected from outstanding yearbooks printed by Jostens.

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the 2017 Look Book

The Gotcha Covered Look Book is a “best of the best” annual of creative themes, covers, designs, stories and photography selected from outstanding yearbooks printed by Jostens.

Book Looks

From cover to cover, these books tell a cohesive story with creativity and innovation.

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Meaningful spreads that make a unique statement about their school.

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Designs that stand out. Created by inspired yearbook staffs from across the country.


Featuring winners of the annual Jostens photography and design contests.


Unique themes, uniquely you

From cover to cover, these books tell a cohesive story with creativity and innovation. This story, translated through a theme, is a critical part of not only the creation of the book, but also the sales and marketing of it. Take a look at these amazing covers and read into how the school took their theme and made it come alive.

The Journey

“There are many aspects to The Journey, the journey that is unique to you. The first step is to accept the challenge and to choose your path. Along the way, we might struggle on that path. There might be roads, short cuts, obstacles, or bumps; whether it’s forward or backward we will work so that we may continually grow as a person. We constantly reflect on what we have learned and discover that everything happens for a reason. Even though the moments in the middle are what make the story, we have a choice to reach our own incomparable destination. So, in the end, how will you find your way?”

Russ Keberly, 2016 adviser
Holmes Middle School [MI]


MORE is Our Thing

“No matter how busy things seem, we find time to fill a fan bus (or three), pull off a one-person show or make it to the review session before the big test. We follow new accounts as they pop up on social media, celebrate wins together and rally behind our Wildcat family. While we encounter changes like a retiring principal and face challenges such as illness and loss, we keep spirit alive, strengthening our bonds. Though life is crazy, we take chaos in stride and surpass expectations, showing that for each of the many things happening, there is so much MORE than we could have hoped for.”

Sarah Nichols, 2016 adviser
Whitney High School [CA]


Your Chance to be Seen and Heard

“Not every memory was vivid, but every moment and story made the year as unique as the 3,200 students who roamed the halls, filled the classes, took the field and gave back to the community. This is your chance to be remembered.”

Sharon Kubicek, 2016 adviser
Round Rock High School [TX]


In Part

“What sets you apart? It’s easy to feel reduced to just a stereotype, just a name, just a number; but we would be nothing without: Those who wake up earlier each morning and train until they can’t do another rep in the set. Those who carry instruments twice their size up and down the football field. Those who lose sleep trying to make Pi a rational number. Our smallest parts make the biggest impact.”

Ava Butzu, 2016 adviser
Grand Blanc High School [MI]


Small Things

“From sports to academics to everyday life, we found fresh beginnings and new ways to create a place where every small thing mattered. During early morning football workouts, cross-country runs or dramatic saves in soccer, a single moment could be all it took to change momentum. All it took was one instant of inspiration and everything became more meaningful. Paying attention to the small things often led to significant and something surprising results.”

Cindy Todd, 2016 adviser
Westlake High School [TX]

A Few Looks, Only One Book

Over the years, our books have taken on more than one look. Just like any yearbook, we theme our book and our brand to reflect on the times, the trends and the world of journalism we live in.

Look Book 2017

IN IT // Hard work, late nights and a lot of passion are behind these innovative yearbook designs. Because when your heart is in it, the end result is inspiring.

Look Book 2016

ALL IN // When a staff is all in, they create a yearbook that captures the imagination as well as their school’s story. How can your staff be all in?

Look Book 2014

THE CREATIVE SPARK // It’s you who provides the creative spark that helps your yearbook tell your school’s story; inspiration which becomes a memory.

Look Book 2013

OLD SCHOOL, NEW RULES //  There’s a reason yearbooks have been around for over 165 years: memories never go out of style. But new rules can still apply.

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