The yearbook is more than just a collection of class portraits and clubs on printed pages.
It’s a time capsule for the school year, a messenger of moments, archiving the school's stories and documenting its past.

For the 2016 All American High School Film Festival, Jostens invited filmmakers to tell a story using the yearbook as a central theme or element — bringing the pages to life. We’re pleased to reveal the seven finalists for the Jostens 2016 Project Yearbook contest, one of which will be announced as the winner at the 2017 All American High School Film Festival in New York City.

Come back each Thursday through October 5th, 2016 as we unveil the rest of our finalists.


"Yearbook Forever In Print"

Directed by: Aleacia Jensen
Scotch Plains High School [NJ]


"Senior Year"

Directed by: Ayannah Settle
Valencia High School [CA]


"Evolution of the DDC Scholar"

Directed by: Bailey Huebner
Davidson Day School [NC]


"Recorded Time"

Directed by: Dane VamDeVelde
Culver [IN]


"Part of Eternity"

Directed by: Daniel Augsto Salazar
Springville High School [UT]



Directed by: Colin Tarnachowicz
Emily Carr Secondary School [CANADA]


"Moving Forward"

Directed by: Leo Pfeifer
Ballard High School [WA]

Submission Criteria

Tell a story in which a yearbook plays a central role. We want you to create/share your vision for what this could look like in a way that either focuses on or involves a yearbook as part of your concept.

* Length: 4 – 8 Minutes
* Genre: Your Choice

Submissions for the 2017 AASHFF go live at the end of October.

Jostens is proud to partner with the 2016 All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF), held in New York City, the week of National Yearbook Week to help celebrate and encourage student creativity and story telling. AAHSFF is the premiere destination for talented high school filmmakers from around the world. This philanthropic initiative started three-years-ago, led by festival founder and award-winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks. AAHSFF's mission is to provide immersive education with a profound impact, connecting the filmmakers of the future with the rewards, respect and recognition they deserve. (Learn More)