Yearbook is love. Yearbook is Jostens.

A YEARBOOK isn’t just a book – it reflects the MEMORIES of your entire school. It’s a reminder of what defines your school and you’re in the driver’s seat. Your vision, your creativity and your hard work determine what’s inside and will benefit you for the rest of your life. We love yearbook, but we aren’t the only ones. Take a look at the video to see what students, teachers, and business leaders are saying about their experience with yearbook.

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“Jostens is really the best of both worlds. They are a large company that has been around so they know what they’re doing, but it’s the people at Jostens who are the reason I’ll never leave.”

– JULIE GOLDSTEIN, Green Valley High School (NV)

“At Jostens, Loudoun Valley is so much more than a number. The personal attention the Saga staff receives from every department in the company reaffirms (over and over) that Jostens values my students and their work as scholastic journalists.”

– MARTHA AKERS, Loudoun Valley High School (VA)