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Often on the yearbook staff, we are thinking how we (a relatively small group) can get a copy of our yearbook into every student’s hands. And, if the staffers are anything like mine were, they are (overly) involved in the school. Time is tight, but the stakes are high.

Outside of your staff, you have hundreds of students in your school who can help generate interest in your book.

Homeroom competitions
Students are competitive in nature — it’s sometimes why they enjoy Phy-Ed more than English class. Having a “sell out” contest at the homeroom level provides a little peer pressure to the purchasing of a book, but can also create a sense of fun competition and visibility for your yearbook.

Throughout the competition, visibly show how each class is doing and reward the top homerooms for yearbook purchases. Then, continue to foster purchasing with “you’re in the book” flyers or by handing printouts of your yearbook spreads.

Penny wars
Penny wars are a fun competitive fundraiser that can drive serious competitions (again) between homerooms or grade levels. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible — and you can decide what equates to points.

Pro-tip: Have yearbook purchases count towards the final goal, and have order forms where the jars are.

“Remembering the moments” advertisements
In collaboration with your business classes at your school, or taking it on as a side project, create video advertisements where seniors remember their time at the school and have them look through past yearbooks to have “I remember when” moments. Having testimonials about buying the yearbook will have a richer impact on the younger classes beause it’s coming from their peers rather than the yearbook staff.

Be present. Always present. A little too present.
“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The point is if you’re always standing where the “falling trees” are, you’ll always hear them. The same goes for the yearbook — if you’re in every place possible where someone is likely to buy the yearbook, the chances of them buying the yearbook increases dramatically. Being present at sporting events, performances, conferences, community events and more will put yearbook top of mind.

Pro-tip: Wear yearbook t-shirts, have press passes, set up a sales table, hang posters, send emails, hyperlink your yearbook order page to your school’s homepage, show off your work on social media. Be everywhere!