Very often, a teacher’s best friend is a contest. It is hard to imagine anything more naturally motivating. Very often students will work hard for a contest when almost nothing else can get them interested.

Furthermore, as we look more closely at training our students in 21st Century Skills, contests can prompt students to think critically about what their goals are, creatively about how to attain their goals and communicate as a team to make sure they are on schedule and tracking to success.

CSPA and NSPA offer national contests for schools that are interested in producing journalistically-minded yearbooks with strong writing, layout and photography. We are here to support schools in their efforts to be recognized by national organizations including the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association.

However, sometimes the ultimate success is a book that is created with minimum of stress and that is popular in your own school. The National Yearbook Program of Excellence is a contest that rewards the creation of a book that is perfect for your school.

A meaningful book for all students

An inclusive book that includes the majority of the student body.


A well-liked book

Students put so much time, effort and love into their yearbook. We want to help ensure that as many students as possible get to enjoy the masterpiece that is created.


Effective project management

Meeting yearbook deadlines is an important part of the yearbook creation process as well as an important life lesson for students. In addition, effective project management ensures the delivery of the books on time.

Jostens is an important partner in the success of my students and their book. It’s great to work with a company that believes in education as much as I do.

Mark Newton

Mountain Vista High School [CO]

We know that your goal of creating a great yearbook is second only to providing your students with a great education, and the Program of Excellence is here to reward your hard work.