Happy National Yearbook Week! During the week of October 2-6, 2017, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see our social sweepstakes. Links to our channels are at the bottom of the page.

Five Days of Fun

Celebrate each day of National Yearbook Week in a unique way!


Order Form Competition // Run a competition with your staff to see who can sell the most books. Have each staffer write his or her name on the back of order forms he or she hands out during the week. Winner gets a great prize.


Picture Wall // Hang amazing photos on windows or in hallways to draw attention to your book.


Social Media Blast // Have staff all post/tweet an image or video promoting your book. Try having your staff all post at the same time of day (maybe lunch).


Blast From the Past // Display old yearbooks near the front of the school or in the office. Post old yearbook photos of teachers without names and have the students guess who is who.


Class Shirts // Have your staff wear their yearbook shirts to celebrate the end of the week!

Additional Ideas

Looking for more ways to get your student body involved? Consider the following:

  • Make a Friday announcement of who “made it in the book” that week. Keep the announcements up from week to week.
  • Take a picture of your staff hard at work on the yearbook. Have each staff member share the photo on social media.
  • Place lunch table tents on cafeteria tables to promote your book.
  • Run a yearbook commercial contest on Instagram.
  • Have your staff organize a flash mob. Be sure to get the appropriate approval first.
  • Hold a yearbook fashion show where staff members wear completed spreads.
  • Print address labels with the ordering info to stick onto lunch items and vending machine items.
  • Give out fake parking tickets (that are actually order forms) with candy.
  • Call parents that have not purchased a book and leave them a personal message.
  • Hand out information about ordering to parents at sporting events.
  • Ask local restaurants to paint their windows to promote your book.