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Recognizing dedication, hard-work and yearbook love is what we love to do. Each month, we will select an adviser and student who show exemplary skills in the classroom. Know an adviser or yearbook staffer who deserves special recognition? Nominate them for the Jostens National Student or Adviser of the Month Award! ‬To nominate, email

Kim Bowser

Port Allegany High School [PA]
Rep: Scott Geesey

Her tips for success:

  • I explain to the staff at the beginning of the school year that they are responsible for a product that people pay for and people don’t want to waste their money.
  • Strict timelines, accountability, and reliable leaders on my staff are keys to making deadlines.  I set page deadlines approximately one month before Jostens submission deadlines.  During that month, the entire staff proofs pages individually, then a group uses the individual proofs to edit the pages and then the individual staff members proof one more time before submission.   This has proven effective and our errors are few.
  • I would not be able to do what I do without the guidance and support from my sales rep, Scott Geesey.  If I have a question, concern, or a problem, he is on it right away.  If he doesn’t have the answer, he will steer me to the people that can help me.  He is also very passionate about his work and that passion is often contagious.”

Jaime Gamez

Amanda Hurd, Adviser
Kearns High School [UT]
Rep:Aaron Lyons


From the student: I joined the Yearbook staff my Freshman year because I thought it was a unique opportunity. Not many students get to say they helped put the yearbook together, and that is something I am very proud of. Additionally, it gave me a place to show off my creativity and allowed me to produce something that students would enjoy looking through for years to come! Finally, I gravitated towards yearbook because of the staff member diversity. We’re all different in so many ways and it helps bring us together to create a yearbook that appeals to a large variety of people. Joining yearbook staff was a chance to do something different and to follow a new path during high school.

From the adviser: Jaime is such a wonderful addition to the yearbook staff. He has a great enthusiasm for yearbook. I can always count on Jaime to be there and to be excited. His great attitude rubs off on those around him and help to create a fun, positive atmosphere for our staff. He has some of the best computer skills on staff, and is adept at using the various software required. He has several years of graphic arts experience, and his yearbook pages show it. He is very creative, always having a fresh way to approach a task, with the skills to bring that vision to fruition. He is always willing to pitch in and help others to get things done.