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Recognizing dedication, hard-work and yearbook love is what we love to do. Each month, we will select an adviser and student who show exemplary skills in the classroom. Know an adviser or yearbook staffer who deserves special recognition? Nominate them for the Jostens National Student or Adviser of the Month Award! ‬To nominate, email

Kristie Bladen

Bloomfield Jr Sr High School [IN]
Rep: Cameron Bardwell

Mrs. Bladen’s nominator, student Maizy Gilliland, mentioned that Mrs. Bladen builds a strong team – that everyone brings their unique personalities and strengths to work beautifully together as one. Mrs. Bladen teaches acceptance and compassion for everyone. Maizy stated, “My yearbook advisor, Mrs. Kristie Bladen, not only changed my perspective on yearbook but more importantly on life as a whole.”

Ms. Bladen’s keys for organization and motivation:

  • For me, the biggest key to being organized is staying on top of all events that need to be photographed. We keep an events calendar and check it weekly. Events include games, classroom activities, special events, etc. Everyone on staff is a photographer and captures the moments.
  • At the beginning of each year, I bring out the yearbooks dating back to 1907. We spend a couple of days studying them, talking about the content, design and technology at that time to create them. We become connected to our past yearbooks. This exercise motivates the students and helps them gain an understanding and appreciation of their role. They’re living and writing the history of not only their school year, but the history of our school and the times we’re living in for generations to come.
  • My Jostens rep, Mr. Cam Bardwell, has made such a positive difference for me as an adviser. Cam offers the kind of program and support I need. He is quick to assist us and shares great classroom tips. My students love him. Cam is my rock.
  • My best advice for new advisers is to get organized right away and utilize the tools Jostens provides. Begin building a strong team, ensuring everyone on staff feels like a valuable member. Also, it’s good to connect with the school faculty and staff. Ask the staffulty to share when they have an activity that could be covered by the yearbook. Then cover the event well and they’ll invite you back.

Brittney Trihn

Josh Clements, Adviser
San Marcos High School [CA]
Rep: Chris Joy

A note from Brittney: I love how yearbook combines my photography, design, and writing hobbies together. It feels empowering to document people’s stories and give them a platform to voice their point of view. I’ve definitely grown as a leader while on the yearbook staff and have learned how to brainstorm creative solutions. I’m passionate about being on the yearbook staff as it has a lot of transferable life skills, so my advice to you is to get the most out of the experience while you can.

A note from Brittney’s adviser: Brittney learned about a new organizational plan for deadlines during a break-out session at the JEA/NSPA National Journalism Convention. She drafted a plan for implementation, crafted rubrics for assessment and facilitated the integration for the class. The implementation and deadline plan have elevated yearbook production, quality and expectations of all of the yearbook students this year. After 14 years as a yearbook adviser, Brittney stands out among the best. Brittney is talented, knows graphic design, and works extremely hard.