2019 January Adviser and Student of the Month

Jennifer Howe, Adviser
President Theodore Roosevelt High School [HI]
Rep: Maureen Willett

Congratulations to Mrs. Howe – Creating the Ultimate Staff

Mrs. Howe’s nominator, student Chelbi Juan, mentioned “Mrs. Howe is very innovative and always coming up with new ideas or supporting the staff to come up with new ideas to improve our efficiency.” Mrs. Howe’s Jostens Rep Maureen Willett, noted “Mrs. Howe uses Jostens curriculum very thoroughly, and through her guidance the yearbook has become one of the best on the island.”

Howe is both creative and empowering with her yearbook staff and they respond with dedication and quality work. She provided a few tips for creating the a great team.

Four Tips for Creating the Ultimate Staff:

  1. USE YOUR RESOURCES // The Jostens curriculum and 7-Minute Starters transformed the yearbook curriculum in my practice. The 7-Minute Starter units, lessons, and learning experiences helped my entire staff learn the scholastic journalism basics. The concepts of Jostens curriculum and 7-Minute Starters also validated the need and my implementation of independent yearbook staff work time.
  2. EMPOWER STUDENTS // Student leadership and ownership motivates my staff, which means I let go! When the editors and staff take ownership of their work through content and process, they make the majority of the decisions on a daily basis. The trust I facilitate with and among them through discussion, questioning, and accountability allows them to innovate in new spaces on a continual basis. I’m their ultimate cheerleader, advocate, and partner throughout the yearbook process. They are motivated knowing that they have the support of an adult on campus who will thoughtfully challenge and support their ideas.
  3. PRIORITIZE // Strategic prioritization is my go-to strategy with staying organized with the yearbook experience. Understanding what needs to be done first allows us to stay on top of production deadlines and communication with the entire school body and community, who are all involved in the yearbook process.
  4. USE YOUR REP // Maureen Willett, our knowledgeable Jostens Yearbook Specialist Rep, brought us up to speed in the legal and ethical realms of scholastic journalism with her unmatched background and experience in journalism and public relations.


Beth Haessler, Student
Leigh Ann Ellis, Adviser
Staunton River High School [VA]
Rep: Joe Elmore

Congratulations to Beth Haessler – Yearbook Business

When asked about Beth’s strengths, her adviser, Leigh Ann Ellis, said “Beth is a precise designer, a stickler for grammar and the most punctual teenager on the planet. Beth is truly a cheerleader for the yearbook staff. On my yearbook staff we have a running joke about show ponies versus work horses. Beth is a clydesdale.”

It’s clear that Beth appreciates yearbook as much as her adviser appreciates her. “When I started yearbook, I didn’t realize how much of a business it would be,” says Beth. “From meeting deadlines, selling advertising, working with businesses and students, and everything in between, this business experience has allowed me to creatively solve problems and get out into the community to create a yearbook we are all proud of.

I love getting to know my fellow students and finding something new to add to the design of our book. The strictness of the deadlines and the creativity of designing spreads gives me an outlet for my imagination, which I love.
My favorite yearbook moment is when we crack open the boxes full of books, open the first book, see the result of our hard work over the year, and sharing it with our school.”
At Jostens, we love seeing students learn about their passions and skills through the yearbook experience. Beth’s talents are making an impact on her school right now and will surely impact her future in a positive way.

2018 December Adviser & Student of the Month

Adviser of the Month

Vicki Quinn, Adviser
Bay Port High School [WI]
Rep: Jayme Bogner

Congratulations to Mrs. Quinn — Fostering Creativity

Mrs. Quinn’s nominator, Jostens Rep Jayme Bogner, mentioned, “When I visit Mrs. Quinn’s yearbook class, I feel inspired by the mutual respect, the staff’s creativity and how motivated they are to produce a high quality, top-selling yearbook each year. With nearly 2,000 students, they exceed selling yearbooks to at least 70% of the student body.”

Ms. Quinn’s keys for marketing and fostering creativity:

  • Each year we foster creative marketing campaigns that tie to our yearbook theme. Campaigns include video releases which play in the lunchroom, Twitter Tuesday posts, photo booth fun, school posters, Jostens CMP campaign emails and more. This year we implemented From the Anchor, a student/parent newsletter highlighting club activities, school events and insight about our yearbook team including a “Sneak Peek” into the yearbook pages.
  • For the Coverage Report, we have a dedicated student who reviews the report weekly and announces to the group who to feature that week. This helps us achieve the Program of Excellence coverage criteria of at least 50% of the student body being pictured in the yearbook three times or more.
  • Each spring, we have a business editor/manager concentrating on the non-buyer list. In April we send the non-buyers a postcard, a note, an email or we visit with them in person. We let them know which pages of the yearbook they are featured on. In May, I send the non-buyers an email reminding them to order a yearbook.
  • We are fortunate to meet as a yearbook class daily. I love the Yearbook Avenue Digital Classroom and have used many of its videos and visual examples as lessons or resources for my team of students. This is my 16th year advising the Bay Port yearbook staff.
  • Several years ago, we expanded our efforts beyond yearbook and started a Literary Magazine that curates student and faculty voice through fiction, poetry, photography, art and music submissions. We host an annual school-wide Literary Arts Festival that honors the contributors. Everything we do celebrates and fosters creativity in our school.


Student of the Month

TJ Tipparaju, Student
Tessa Rife, Senior Year Adviser
Jolene Heinemann, Nominator, Adviser Freshman-Junior Years
Barrington High School [IL]
Rep: Caroline Penfield

Congratulations to TJ Tipparaju — Authentic and Inclusive

A note from TJ: I am in my fourth year of yearbook! Being on the yearbook staff has stretched my boundaries. I am no longer afraid to speak with upperclassmen and teachers. The attention-to-detail I have learned from yearbook shows up in my other classes and in my relationships. Being in leadership roles taught me problem solving, time management and open communication.

The relationships and skills I’ve learned from yearbook are unmatched, and I love every single teachable moment. I love each of the yearbook staffs I’ve work with, the satisfaction of finishing off a spread, and the pure gratification of seeing your yearbook at the end of the year. Yearbook becomes a constant in your life. Everything you contribute in the yearbook is a little part of you. I love putting myself alongside like-minded people, but simultaneously being apart of one the most diverse communities.

A note from TJ’s current yearbook adviser, Tessa Rife: TJ is a natural leader who balances her creative vision with a plan for accomplishing tasks and possess the ability to communicate effectively with the yearbook staff. She takes initiative and is always organized and efficient. TJ is continuously aware of what’s happening in our publication room, and is always looking for ways to help out. TJ’s dedication to yearbook is apparent in all that she does.

A note from TJ’s nominator, Jolene Heinemann: TJ is the heart of the yearbook program. Her boundless creativity, passion and positive leadership have pushed the program into an award-winning enterprise and transformed the staff into an inclusive, welcoming family. TJ is driven by an authentic enthusiasm for creating a book that the staff will take pride in and that the student body will love.