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Jostens Yearbooks

The yearbook is one of the most important traditions that documents and represents your school and community. Whether athletic wins, theatrical marvels or academic achievements, the yearbook highlights and celebrates all of it. And we’re in it with you every step of the way.


Relationships Valued

In all of my interactions with Jostens, my students and I feel like part of a valued relationship in which everyone wants what’s best for our students.

— Sarah Nichols, Adviser
Whitney High School [CA]

A Labor of Love

From old school printers to new age technology, Jostens has a wide-variety of experts just waiting to get their hands on your pages and to make them the very (absolute) best. Because creating yearbooks is a labor of love, and we’re in it with you every step of the way.

Years in the Making

The average employee at our Jostens plants has been with us for over 15-years. That’s 15-years of dedication and yearbook know-how to help make sure your book prints with the care.

Leader in Print

Because our plants have such experience, we are nominated (and winners) each year for a variety of printing awards, including the Bennie and Gold Leaf Awards.

Environment First

Our environment is so important, as is printing responsibly. That’s why your cover is likely made of recycled materials, and we recycle over 1-million drums of ink each year.


Your Printing Family

A natural extension of our plant and capabilities are our talented consultants. They are the glue that brings your beautiful ideas to life, sometimes making the impossible possible.

Our Team Creates a Theme

Just like all the great books we produce each year, a team of experts at Jostens band together to choose our marketing theme. It defines our kit, our award-winning LOOK BOOK and all the variety of marketing materials yearbook staffs can use to market their book.

Take a look at our creative journey.

Spring: It Starts with an Idea

Coffee, donuts and tireless nights are ingredients to theme success (sound familiar)? Our Jostens creative team use that direction to come up with four to five different ideas, each capturing a unique tone and message.

Summer: The Decision

In collaboration with our Jostens plants, industry experts, creative gurus and advisers, a theme is decided on. While that’s happening, advisers travel across the land to choose the books we will feature in our LOOK BOOK. Yes, more coffee is involved.

Fall: Our Sleeves Are Rolled Up

Now that a cover design was selected, our the photographs, the copy, the strategy are all delivered to our designers to build posters, emails, flyers, banners — everything and everything you see in the halls, on the walls and in your classroom.

Winter: The Delivery

With caffeine coursing our veins, we push submit and the magic of printing takes place at our plants. Proofs are delivered and signed off. The boxes arrive for us to share in the excitement of seeing our creations, our theme, take life for the first time. And then it all starts over again.


Twenty-five years and counting

Jostens has been our publishing company of choice for more than 25 years. Everyone involved with the publication process has always treated us like family and provided us with guidance

— Pam Bunka, Adviser
Fenton Middle School [MI]

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