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The Best of the Best

The Look Book is the “best of the best” annual of creative themes, covers, designs, stories and photography selected from outstanding yearbooks printed by Jostens.

A Look Inside
the 2018 Look Book

The Gotcha Covered Look Book is a “best of the best” annual of creative themes, covers, designs, stories and photography selected from outstanding yearbooks printed by Jostens.

Book Looks

From cover to cover, these books tell a cohesive story with creativity and innovation.

Spread Gallery

Meaningful spreads that make a unique statement about their school.

Cover Gallery

Designs that stand out. Created by inspired yearbook staffs from across the country.


Featuring winners of the annual Jostens photography and design contests.


Unique themes, uniquely you

From cover to cover, these books tell a cohesive story with creativity and innovation. This story, translated through a theme, is a critical part of not only the creation of the book, but also the sales and marketing of it. Take a look at these amazing covers and read into how the school took their theme and made it come alive.

Dear Student Body,

With all that’s going on in the world, sometimes it’s hard to cherish the moments and enjoy the little things. We hope that this book will help you to remember your youth and all that it was. Being gold is all about being young and enjoying the opportunities ahead of you and the memories behind you. We hope this book will help you to enjoy those memories for many years to come and leave a long-lasting imprint of your high school career.

Stay Gold, Borken Arrow,

Ashley Spencer, 2017 adviser
Broken Arrow High School [OK]

Dear Castle View,

“Catch Up” was a book that was created for you. In the summer of 2016, your editors were brainstorming the theme for the 2016-2017 book, and the constant was you and how awesome you are. Castle View students take risks and strive to be among the best. The theme came about as a way to capture who you were during the school year. Trust me, the staff of Vieo put in countless hours to tell your stories, but in doing so, told your stories in the most meaningful way they could. We hope you loved it!

With hugs,

Jessica Hunziker, 2017 adviser
Castle View High School [CO]


The invented word ‘opia,’ as described by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, by John Koenig: So much can be said in a glance. Such ambiguous intensity, both invasive and vulnerable — glittering black, bottomless and opaque. The eye is a keyhole, through which the world pours in and a world spills out. And for a few seconds, you can peek through into a fault, that contains everything they are. We offer up a sample of who we are, of what we think people want us to be. But so rarely do we stop to look inside, and let our eyes adjust, and see what’s really there. In our 2017 book, we wanted to capture this raw vulnerability and to take a deeper look into each of our students, their strong personalities and unique differences that unite us as “one pack.”

Melinda Barnhardt, 2017 adviser
Cedar Ridge High School [NC]

Dear Greyhound Family,

As we began working on our yearbook theme, we wanted to showcase the diversity of Clayton and how all 875 people make this a place of which we are proud and truly connected. Our theme, Defined, gave every student a chance to show who they are, what they believe, and how they work, play, learn and grow — together. We asked you to define who you are and then told your stories in multiple ways. We hope you find this book representative of all that is Clayton. Happy reading.

With Greyhound Pride!

Marci Pieper, 2017 adviser
Clayton High School [MO]

Dear Student Body,

For the 2017 yearbook theme, we wanted your yearbook to come ALIVE through videos, photo galleries, music and more on almost every page. We used the Aurasma app to make your book truly cutting-edge multi-media. Each page includes so much more than first meets the eye. Take a look and watch the book come ALIVE.

Sallyanne Harris, 2017 adviser
Coppell High School [TX]

A Few Looks, Only One Book

Over the years, our books have taken on more than one look. Just like any yearbook, we theme our book and our brand to reflect on the times, the trends and the world of journalism we live in.

Look Book 2017

IN IT // Hard work, late nights and a lot of passion are behind these innovative yearbook designs. Because when your heart is in it, the end result is inspiring.

Look Book 2016

ALL IN // When a staff is all in, they create a yearbook that captures the imagination as well as their school’s story. How can your staff be all in?

Look Book 2014

THE CREATIVE SPARK // It’s you who provides the creative spark that helps your yearbook tell your school’s story; inspiration which becomes a memory.

Look Book 2013

OLD SCHOOL, NEW RULES //  There’s a reason yearbooks have been around for over 165 years: memories never go out of style. But new rules can still apply.

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