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Tools to help market your yearbook.

We’re all about making yearbook marketing easy. We’ll help you reach parents and businesses, so everyone can see your work. Our marketing programs incorporate advisers’ top five choices: posters, flyers, emails, links and direct mail.

Marketing has never been more important

Parents and students are blasted by hundreds, if not thousands, of promotions every single day, likely unaware of all of them. Jostens can help you break through the noise and transform your campaigns to reach more students and parents.

Experts at your fingertips

With Jostens, you have access to not only your yearbook rep — who is a marketing expert of their own and will help you develop a custom plan — but you have access to professional marketers who develop tools and resources to help you be (even more) successful.

Resources at your disposal

Each year, we provide you marketing materials within our Yearbook Kit. But if that isn’t enough, we have a wide-range of ideas and marketing inspiration found in our Digital Classroom. Take a look and develop your own unique campaigns that build upon our existing fit your school culture.


Four Reasons to Love Yearbook Email Marketing

1. Parents prefer email

Parents choose email as their #1 method of contact about yearbook sales.

2. Increase product awareness

Three out of four parents select email as an effective channel to learn about the yearbook (Source: 2014 Jostens survey).

3. Increase your sales

In a one-week national study, yearbook sales doubled when using an email campaign vs. traditional marketing (Source: 2014 study of Jostens customers).

4. Easy Opt-Out

Jostens uses best practices to manage your campaign and your data. Parents can easily opt out of promotional emails.

Yearbook Marketing Program

A free, industry-leading solution to marketing your yearbook.

Connect with more students

Our proven in-school marketing kit includes posters, yard signs and online tools to help you connect with students in the place where yearbook memories happen.

Customizable and Personal

Reach parents through custom postcards and flyers sent directly to their homes. We personalize messaging to create offers that include school and student specific information.

Branded for your school

Our sophisticated capabilities enable school-specific email communication, customized with individual student names as well as your mascot and colors, reflecting your school’s personality.

Easy-to-Use Analytics

Our online tools make it easy to create reports with critical data important to a successful yearbook program. Track how many times a student is in the yearbook, as well as non-buyer reports for refined targeting efforts.

Ready to get started marketing your book?