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Digital tools for yearbook creation

Page Designer, our top-of-the-line creation tools and software make creating an amazing yearbook incredibly simple.


Yearbook teaches valuable life skills

When I see what students can produce with foundational knowledge and guidance, and how their yearbook experiences shape their futures, I know that what we are doing as yearbook teachers is fundamental.

— Ava Butzu, Adviser, Grand Blanc High School [MI]

More Features. More Power.

Page Designer is jam-packed with features that make it the best solution for creating a yearbook online. With over 1000 templates, millions of color combinations and font favorites, there’s no stopping creativity.

Easier Photo Editing

In partnership with Adobe, we’ve brought Aviary to Yearbook Avenue, making it easier to do quick and painless edits to everyday photographs. With Aviary and Jostens, you now have more control over the images that capture the many moments of the school year.

Coverage Report + Indexer

When you place a tagged image onto your page, the information is collected into the Coverage Report. Not only are you able to see how many times a student is in the book, you can also see updated information whether or not they’ve purchased a book. When you’re all done, the information is flowed in our easy-to-use Indexer Tool.

Beautiful Starter Templates

Can’t think of a layout for your page? We’ve got well over 1,000 pre-created templates for you to use. Easily drag and drop them onto your spreads. We even have modular templates where you can build your own custom look for your spreads.

We got your back

Saving your files is a critical step on every spread. But, if you’ve made a change since the save that you regret, you can always step back into the past. Jostens saves each save into the History Panel, where you are able to restore a previous session.


Designed for you and your staff

“Every year, [Page Designer] gets more and more advanced as Jostens listens to the advisers.”

— Marcy Herrera, Adviser, La Quinta High School [CA]

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