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Jostens Yearbook Avenue

Designed for you and your staff

Yearbook Avenue is your home base with powerful digital tools to create beautiful, award-winning yearbooks.


From start to finish, our tools have got you covered.


Use our monthly to-do list to plan out your program as well as set fonts, colors and styles for the year. Explore a wide selection of cover and theme ideas to discover or rediscover inspiration.



From an easy-to-use designer to industry-leading technology, Yearbook Avenue gives you access to the Page Designer or Monarch, both which will take your program to new heights.


Create powerful advertising campaigns, run promotions, see sales reports, run coverage reports, print sales flyers and more all in one place. That’s a lot of tools!


The Digital Classroom is your go-to place for education. It is stocked with over 180 start-of-class activities, tones of tutorials and lesson plans with standards and goals.


All because of YBA

We were able to hit every deadline, create a beautiful book and increase both our sales and student coverage, all because of Yearbook Avenue.

— Denise Stewart, Adviser
Merritt Island High School [FL]


Check that off the list.

Recently misplaced (or worse, erased) that critical to-do? Keep all of your yearbook tasks in the place you plan, create and sell your yearbook. With Tasks, you can assign a student a task and give them a due date. At the end of the year, easily export your whole list to show the great work your staff completed.


Design your book your way

Each staff is different, and different tools are needed for each book. That’s why we have two very different but equally powerful solutions to creating your yearbook.

Page Designer

Design for you and your staff, Jostens Page Designer is the best online experience in the industry — easy to use, reliable and responsible for the successful production of millions of Jostens yearbooks for thousands of schools.


Developed in a partnership with Adobe, Monarch gives schools private and secure access to the latest Adobe® InDesign® and Photoshop® software from any computer using a browser. Access your yearbook from anywhere at anytime.


Leave the marketing to us

We recognize that creating a book can be time consuming. Our marketing capabilities and in-school marketing kit can give you the tools you need to get started marketing your book right away. In fact, you can make all book and ad sales come directly through us. Let us help you make marketing decisions so you can create a beautiful book.


We have high standards for education

In no other time has the yearbook been a vital part to building the 21st century skills students need to succeed in college and careers. That’s why our entire curriculum is meticulously tied to the Common Core, ISTE Standards and 21st century skills. Because well trained staffs today make for a better-trained journalist tomorrow.

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