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Debbie Capogreco – Nicoll

Yearbook Specialist—Servicing school’s since 1999


Working for Jostens has allowed her the opportunity to learn new innovative technologies, that keeps her current with today’s creative trends. She just loves teaching that to her advisors & students! Deb would say that the most important thing to her is service. Listening to needs & responding quickly, letting advisors know that she is always available to them and their students. But mostly, nothing but nothing, beats her seeing a student editor & advisor getting their 1st glance at their yearbook when they open the box. The look of excitement & gratification is priceless!



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I love working with Debbie!

Debbie Nicoll has been my rep for many years and is helpful, caring, creative, resourceful and always puts the needs of the school and the teacher first. She is a true representation of what I believe Jostens stands for. I love working and partnering with Debbie. It is because of her that our school was introduced to & has implemented the Jostens Renaissance program and we are beginning to see the culture of our school change.

— Cheryl Ann Gundry-White
Howard S. Billings High School [QC]


Working with Debbie is enjoyable

Working with Debbie has been so enjoyable. When I was asked to be the Yearbook Advisor 13 years ago, creating a Yearbook was completely new to me. For every year that followed, Debbie has accompanied my team of students and me in the many steps of the creation process, the sales and all the technical aspects. Her sound advices made my life easier on numerous occasions!

— Sylvie Pelletier
John Rennie High School [QC]


Debbie works magic!

Debbie is very efficient & as I tell her, works magic. She is able to help my yearbook team accomplish what they would like to & stay within budget. From technical / design issues or just offering a different point of view, she has so often come to our rescue & always takes us on the path to make our yearbook the best it can be. She is always prompt to answer emails & questions & will investigate further if ever she doesn’t know the answer.

— Michelle Lessey
Sacred Heart School [QC]

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