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Jan Moore

‘Just Jan’ serving Sacramento since 2001


Jan has 25+ years of classroom and administrative experience along with sales. Having the experience as an administrator has helped reach future customers.

The relationship with her classes goes beyond just a business. Her team of advisers socialize and mentor each other and enjoy Jan visiting the classroom to keep the humor especially during deadline time.

She motivates the classes to reach levels they have never attempted. When the classes meet their goal, Jan feels the excitement right along with the class. Inspiration, education and motivation is what Jan is all about..



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We would never work with anyone else!

We would never entertain the thought of working with anyone else but ‘Just Jan’. She brings so much fun and knowledge to our classroom that it gives the students reasons to work. She also motivates the kids with candy each time.

— Susan Sager, adviser
Union Mine High School [CA]


Jan the Man

Jan the Man”. (really Jan but it rhymes.) our favorite yearbook representative. She brings a level of excitement to our program that the students just love. She also kicks us around when we are behind submitting pages.
Jan also set a budget for us and monitors it during the year to makes sure we do not come up short at the end of the year.

We love ‘Jan the Man.’

— Traci Montgomery, adviser
Oakmont High School [CA]


She’s an award winner!

We here at Wheatland High School find Jan Moore to be the best sales rep for any company we have ever seen. The students connect with her on all levels. She befriends them and they know that they can trust anything she says.
We gave her a medallion at the end of the year for all that she had done for us. Her Courage, Humanity and Commitment to the school. All our seniors get one upon graduation and we thought she deserved one as well.

Pam Sullivan, adviser
Wheatland High School [CA]

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