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Jennifer Massey

Serving Montgomery County since 2009


Jen and her team seek to provide exceptional service, quality and to deliver an experience that exceeds expectations. She is dedicated to growing the yearbook tradition and empowering students to tap into their creativity. Jen understands the demands of advising a yearbook and is committed to making your role more manageable. As your yearbook rep, Jen can provide you with an array of services tailored to your unique needs including journalism education, technology training, marketing strategies,staff motivation and marketing ideas, all while guaranteeing the financial stability of your program.



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There is no risk working with Jen

Jen provides me with updated budgets as any changes occur and with Jostens guaranteed balanced budget, I can rest easy knowing that there is no risk working with Jen. She takes an active role in the sales process and works directly with our students to ensure that our program is solid while teaching them valuable life lessons. Working with Jostens and Jen feels like we are working with a partner rather than a vendor.

— Kathryn Vargo, Business Administrator
Blake High School [MD]


Jen’s help was invaluable!

Last year was my first year as an adviser, and Jen’s help was invaluable. Besides being a wealth of information, she is always positive and incredibly supportive. She demonstrates daily that she truly wants the best for our program by offering practical advice and by her quick response to our many questions. Jen also does a terrific job of connecting with students and working with them to develop their skills.

— Pat Kuecker
Col. Zadok Magruder High School [MD]


Jen changed the way I do yearbook

Jen changed the way that I did yearbook and takes so much stress off of me. She genuinely cares about her clients and the product that we put out and our program. She always helps when I have issues and reassures me that all will be well and that she and Jostens will work with me to help in any and every way. She just is fantastic and even helps me complete the end of the reports. I can’t speak well enough about her!

— Naomi Ratz
Winston Churchill High School [MD]

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Jostens Yearbook Workshops

From theme creation to design principles, a Jostens Yearbook workshop goes well beyond the basics. Our hands-on immersive experiences will teach your yearbook staff how to create and sell something truly amazing.