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Jill Bonilla

Serving the San Diego and Imperial County areas


Jill loves working for Jostens and enjoys being part of something as special as creating yearbooks. She prides herself on her ability to collaborate with advisers and students to help them create the yearbook they envision. Jill’s ability to provide excellent customer service, combined with Jostens Digital Classroom and online resources, creates the perfect environment for the perfect yearbook.
As your yearbook rep, Jill understands the demands of advising a yearbook and balancing other obligations, and is committed to making your role easier and more manageable



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She works to ensure every detail is considered

Jill is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, always working to ensure every detail of our book is carefully considered and offering valuable recommendations… exactly what we want. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Our school sets the bar high and Jill has helped us win local and national awards to include Best in Show, Pacemaker, and Crown Awards. In addition to providing unparalleled service, Jill is one of the sweetest people and pours her heart into her advisers and their teams.

— Amy Steward
Coronado Middle School [CA]

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Jostens Yearbook Workshops

From theme creation to design principles, a Jostens Yearbook workshop goes well beyond the basics. Our hands-on immersive experiences will teach your yearbook staff how to create and sell something truly amazing.