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Michael Lenfest

The Yearbook Guy


Michael believes timely and effective communication is vital to a successful relationship and quality yearbook experience.

His goal is for your school community is to receive the best yearbook possible. This means he makes himself available for whatever needs you may have during the creation, marketing and production process.

Michael has been with Jostens since 2005 and he simply loves what he does each day. He enjoys bringing unique views and ideas which help staffs learn that yearbook is a REAL WORLD activity, and that they leave a little more prepared for what they will face in the future.



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* CJE // Certified Journalism Educator: This rep has been certified by the Journalism Education Association (JEA). Earning this certification requires weeks of preparation and passing a three-hour exam focusing on journalistic writing and editing, graphics and design, legal and ethical considerations, fiscal management, leadership training, conflict resolution and more.


We love working with Mike!

There’s a couple of good reasons I am absolutely loyal to Jostens. Mike and Dee. They could not provide me with better service – I feel like we are a team in this adventure and that they are invested in the quality of our product and preserving my sanity. I get emails and phone calls and junk mail from other vendors trying to woo my business. They are wasting their time.

— Patricia Bush
Berkshire School [MA]


We are so lucky he is our rep!

And I am sure you feel as lucky as I do to have Mike as a rep. He is so helpful and his expertise is priceless. With these other companies, the support is just not there. As with anything else out there, you really get what you pay for.

— Judi Estes
Mt. Anthony Union High School [VT]

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Jostens Yearbook Workshops

From theme creation to design principles, a Jostens Yearbook workshop goes well beyond the basics. Our hands-on immersive experiences will teach your yearbook staff how to create and sell something truly amazing.