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Rachel Nelson

Serving the Greater Portland Area


Rachel Nelson works with schools in Oregon and plays a key role in ensuring the success of each yearbook staff. Depending on the needs of each school, Rachel helps guide advisors and students in planning, creating, marketing and celebrating. Before Jostens, Rachel’s career spanned 14 years in management and costume design for film. Her film credits include “Deadheads” (2011, head of costume department) and “Whip It!” (2009) She received her B.A. in Design and Art History at Wayne State University. Prior to Art School, Rachel was Editor for her own high school yearbook (many moons ago).



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Jostens Yearbook Workshops

From theme creation to design principles, a Jostens Yearbook workshop goes well beyond the basics. Our hands-on immersive experiences will teach your yearbook staff how to create and sell something truly amazing.