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Stacy Harrington

Proudly serving schools in Northeast Arkansas since 2000.


Stacy started her career with Jostens in 2000 and shares her passion for yearbooks to help students tell their unique story. Her goal is to bring fresh ideas to the yearbook staff while making the adviser’s life easier and delivering a quality book within budget.

Since 2015 Stacy has served on Jostens Yearbook Division Council to help develop new products and continually shape the world of yearbooks. In 2008 she was the recipient of Jostens prestigious Leadership Award.

She and her husband Matt have two children, Laken & Hayden and one granddaughter and future yearbooker, Hensley Rose.



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Stacy has a POSITIVE attitude!

Stacy’s creativity combined with her problem solving skills make her an invaluable asset to me and my staff. Although Stacy is highly knowledgeable and skilled in her work with technology, budgeting and marketing ideas, she also has a unique way of connecting with my staff. She is always prepared with new and innovative ideas and has such a positive attitude that is infectious to anyone who works with her.

— Rhonda Choisser
Stuttgart High School [AR]


She was the answer to a prayer!

Last year was our first year with Jostens. It was the answer to a prayer and I mean that literally. Seven books sit on my desk, only one is perfect. Only one has no publishing errors at all. Only one was everything we wanted it to be. That same book made us the biggest profit we have ever known. It was our first Jostens book.

— Dinah McClurg
Nettleton High School [AR]

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