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Tom Shields

#1 in Yearbooks


Tom has more than thirty years of publishing experience. He and his two team members partner with more than 200 schools in Missouri and Kansas.

Folks often comment, “hey, Tom was my mom’s yearbook rep,” or “Tom was my rep in high school.” Tom takes pride in this! It shows consistency and dependability. He and his team work hard for you and will always reply promptly with answers for your issues.

Tom doesn’t claim to always have the right solution for every school, but there is a reason why so many choose him and his team. Tom welcomes an opportunity to understand the current state of your yearbook program and offer their support.



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* CJE // Certified Journalism Educator: This rep has been certified by the Journalism Education Association (JEA). Earning this certification requires weeks of preparation and passing a three-hour exam focusing on journalistic writing and editing, graphics and design, legal and ethical considerations, fiscal management, leadership training, conflict resolution and more.


Tom is very passionate about his job!

I have had the opportunity to work with Tom for several years. Tom has an excellent personality that really aids in the positive relationship that he has built with our district. He is obviously very passionate about his job, which makes working with him a first-rate experience. He has been a rep for a long time and I find it comforting (and refreshing) to have a consistent person to work with every year. Tom really understands our kids and our needs.

— Cherie Witt
Southeast High School [KS]

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